Expert Software

Expert Software

Whether it is an application, a website, a document, you name it, Computer Egghead is the one for you.

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Your Property

Property Development

We are the one for you to take the hassle out of your property needs.

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Low-cost Websites

Low-cost Websites

For as little as $5 per month! $10 domain names picked to be the one for you.

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Welcome to 1 4 U LLC

We are ...... the one for you!


We are a network of professionals who have discovered the secrets to getting things done through education, the school of hard knocks, good old fashioned know-how, and connecting with people with can-do, action-oriented hard workers. We stand behind all of our referrals. No need to search the internet for hours trying to find reputable people, and certainly not paying for such a service!

When it comes to software and websites, we are a completely global company! For property development, we service the Rochester, NY USA area. We were established in 1977 and are always interested in expanding our repertoire.


1 4 U LLC
PO Box 825
Canandaigua, NY USA 14424
+1 585 754 6919

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