Born April 25, 1956 3:56 AM in Rochester, NY USA.

Graduated from highschool in 1974 with a Scholastic Letter and membership in the National Honor Society.

Attended Rochester Institute of Technology from September 1974 through June 1990, at which time I received a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology.

Worked part-time from 1972 through 1973.

Worked full-time from 1974 through the present.

Married/Separated/Divorced: 1981/1990/1996

Children: Two daughters, born 1982 and 1985. One step-daughter born 1979.

Current occupation: Software Engineer

Lived all my life in the Rochester NY USA area except for 1 year in Cincinnati, Ohio and 8 years in the UK, now a snowbird

Interests: GOD (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), music, nature, helping people, travel