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Or, What to do until the Messiah Comes

I've heard of people who made lists for their lives, like climbing Mount Everest or seeing the Pacific ocean.  I could have a long list like that, but most of that kind of stuff that I wanted to do I've already done, plus it really isn't what is important to me in the long run.  What is important in the long run is what I have done with my life.  Have I helped the people I've met?  Have I truly connected with other human beings?  Have I shared The Truth with others?  When all is said and done, will God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant"?  I certainly do not want to wind up like the old man who finally came to know the LORD in his eightieth year and realized he wasted all of his life!  Fortunately, and God willing, I still have some time.  Until He gives me a definite instruction, I will work towards what is right.
DONE 1992 1995 Study and understand Revelation It's not scary, it's liberating!
TO DO 1992   Find a truly Godly man who I can partner with for the rest of our days Found someone in March 2005, but is it forever? (I hope so!)
DONE 1993 10/2002 Get out of Mendon/Honeoye Falls It's just as good as I knew it would be!
DONE 08/1996 12/1996 Get out of the rat race No management headaches!
DONE 08/1996 01/1998 Quit smoking cigarettes Infrequently miss it
DONE 08/1996 05/1997 Quit drinking alcohol Never miss it
DONE 08/1996 05/1999 Quit smoking marijuana/drugs Occasionally miss it
DONE 08/1997 02/1998 Start church ministries #1 and #2 Overheads in sanctuary and office software
DONE 06/1998 11/1998 Create a website for God I have connected with many interesting people, but would like to hear from more
DONE 11/1999 04/2000 Church ministry #3 Web site, sound board, and video
DONE 03/2001 04/2002 Help in the community High school computer lab supervisor
DONE 04/2002 07/2003 Freelance programming business Programming, testing, and web site support.  This confirms what I deduced from my last attempt: I cannot do both marketing and programming at once.
DONE 02/2003 04/2006 Self-employed Fantastic! I knew I'd love it!
DONE 09/2003 03/2004 Church ministry #4 Recruited more ministry servants
DONE 09/2003 01/2004 Develop the best eating and exercising regime for myself Excellent! Vitamins and herbs are also essential
DONE 01/2004 05/2004 Evangelistic CDs One of the best things I've ever done!
NEVER ENDING 01/2004 07/2004 A great global impact Instead of one huge act, I realized that I can help mankind by touching individual lives one or a few at a time. It is more than practicing random acts of kindness, which I really enjoy, but it is truly connecting with people and helping them to get back on their feet or learn a new skill or have a new attitude. (Ever see the movie Pay It Forward?) Most importantly, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

TO DO 10/2008   Incorporate  
TO DO 10/2008   Charity  
TO DO 10/2008   Use charity somehow (transition house for battered women?)