Claire N. Streb: Integrity
Life is so simple; it's we humans that make it hard.
Did you ever notice people who constantly have a soap opera playing around them and don't know why?  They're the writers, and they're playing a starring role.  They're blind to their purpose in life and to what really matters.
Take integrity, for instance, and simplify your life.
A recent study found 92% of teens lie to their parents.  Our local news team did a street survey, and most people admitted to lying on a daily basis.  Do you know it's harder to lie than to tell the truth?  Living an honest life is quite simple.  All you have to do is:  1) live your life so that nothing you do would embarrass you;  and 2) tell the truth and deal with the consequences.  By doing the first, you don't have to worry about being caught doing something you know is wrong.  By doing the second, you only have to remember one story - the true one.  Being honest is a liberating, happy experience!
Integrity gives us freedom from corrupting influences or motives.  Stand up for what you believe, and don't back down.  Don't give into peer pressure.  Risk looking foolish by doing what you think is right. Have the moral courage to stand alone.  Do not violate your principles - in everything you do.
tell the truth
violate or bend your principles
live according to your principles
compromise your principles for the sake of  political correctness
what is ethical and honorable
expect to be perfect
strive for excellence, but tolerate honest mistakes
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