Claire Streb: Nonconformity
Jesus was a nonconformist in many ways. In fact, that's one of the things that gets me excited about my faith and one of the things that deepens my relationship with him.
If this surprises you, then take a step out of your comfort zone and think of what nonconformity really means.  You may think it means rebelliousness, rudeness, and against the establishment, but I think it is standing up for what is right, frankness, and for the LORD -- being in the world, but not of the world.
So many people are afraid to be different. In fact, a lot of Christians like the fact they are different from the rest of the world, but when it comes to being different from other Christians, they are fearful. Why? Because we are not perfect. They forget that as long as we follow the Bible's teachings, we are OK. I'm way more concerned about what God thinks of me than what another person does.
Many people are turned off by the church because a particular organization has taught them that conformance is required and they should not dare to ask any questions.  Do you know what I say to that?
Try a different church.
That happened to me, and after 25 years, I fortunately realized that my problems were with a particular, organized religion and not with the LORD. If you are turned off of God because of something man has done, please email me. Not only is my testimony awesome, but you've got to know that GOD LOVES EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US, NO MATTER WHAT WE HAVE DONE IN THE PAST!  If you do not know where you will go when you die, please email me; don't be shy.
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