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It's not about religion - it's about relationship.
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After mentioning God to one of my co-workers, he said to me, "I'm not religious." My response was, "Neither am I, but I am spritual." Why did I say that? Because organized (man-made) religion has always led people away from the truth.

Take Christian denominations, for instance. They focus on the DIFFERENCES of their beliefs instead of the SIMILARITIES. When we focus on the One Who is Worthy, then personal matters (such as the day of the week we congregate or whether one wears a head covering) do not get in the way.

So many people have been led away from God because of the misintentions of these religions. They make it so easy for the masses to use the man-made rules as excuses for not honoring Him.

This infighting is not only practiced by Christians, but also by the Jews. When I heard of Messianic Jewish congregations, I was so happy! But, then I learned that some of them do not let non-Jews vote (ever) or let them become members only if they're married to a Jew. So, here we have some more rules that are not established by the Bible.

If we always return to (and focus on) the Bible, prayer, and our relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we can be true children of the one true God, help others to be saved by grace, and can help quicken the Messiah's return.

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