Excel snapshot

Excel Macros and VBA

This project started with the client's own spreadsheet, and we added new macros, VBA, and buttons to lookup values for easy data entry and to perform calculations.

I tried to do for days what took Computer Egghead only hours. I should have gone to them first. Lesson learned: Go to the experts, because that's what they're there for! ~ Conor J. Farrell, Cherry Productions, UK

Database snapshot


Whether it's Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or even Excel, we're here to organize your data to make it easy to query and obtain the data you need.

Your database experts have almost saved my life! I'm no longer frustrated or under pressure ... Computer Egghead has been a real life saver! ~ Erin Nelson, Interior and Exterior Painting Contractors, NY, USA

Website snapshot


We create and enhance websites for your purpose, with you and your users in mind.

This example was for an elementary school. If you run a business, you need to project your company image and align your website to your company's marketing plan to generate revenue.

We have many skills: ASP.NET, Classic ASP, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax, jQuery, ColdFusion, JavaScript, PERL, ...

Intranet snapshot

Internal Websites (Intranets)

Much of our web development is on websites that the general public never even sees. These are called "intranets" and are just like websites on the internet, only they are internal to your company.

This example is a publishing order system that was written in ASP.NET with C# and VB plus SQL Server.

Desktop app snapshot

Desktop Applications

Much of our work is spent fixing and developing new desktop applications.

This example is a program written in Visual C++.

Demo snapshot

Demos and Training

We can take your system and create a demo, with or without voice, for visitors or in-depth training modules for your users and employees.

Report snapshot


Do you want to give professional looking reports to your customers? Our consultants can quickly understand the underlying structure of your database, discuss the data you want to report on, and provide you with reports that are concise, easily understood, and well-designed.

This example is a ColdFusion report that queries a SQL Server database.


We have an extensive history of producing software programs, databases, files, documentation, components, source code assessment reports, multi-media, in fact anything software-related, we can do!